My fellow ECEA members, 

80 years ago the ECEA was founded in order to “be a source of advice, help encouragement, information and cooperation for the local associations within the county.” In addition the ECEA would, “concern ourselves with the problems common to the schools, colleges, and universities of Essex County.” In 2018, we continue to carry out those goals. We continue to provide professional development and training to educators. We continue to promote our public schools and the interests of public school educators, and we continue to keep our members informed about their union. 2018-19 will continue this long tradition better than ever.

There are many opportunities in this organization for members to become more involved. Whether it’s attending a workshop or volunteering to support our endorsed candidates we would love to see more members at our events.

If you haven’t been to our office/conference center in Cedar Grove, it is a wonderful space for members to meet and learn and utilize as a resource. However, the greatest resource that we have in the ECEA is our members. Your talents and energy are needed to keep us strong in these challenging times for educators and public education.

In addition to your talent and hard work, your voice is also important. ECEA provides many opportunities to let your voice be heard by our elected leaders in our union and in the statehouse in Trenton.

Finally, as the president of the ECEA, on behalf of our entire leadership team, please accept my invitation to get to know the ECEA better this year. Checking out this website is a good first step in finding out how you can join us in furthering the goals of public education and public educators in Essex County. Great things are happening and I would love for you to be a part of it.

In Solidarity,

Anthony Rosamilia


Essex County Education Association